Trial Guide


See the table below for a list of the correct binds, and note that your ring should be set to Primary: Desperado, Secondary: Sniper, Quickswitch: Blitzer. Please consult a General if you are unsure what the optimal binds are for your stats. Your binds must be correct or you will instantly fail a trial. 


Critical and Bonus Paths

  • You must be able to differentiate critical paths from bonus paths

  • Skill doors on crit paths give xp drops of 460-505 (without outfit) or 492-540 (with outfit)

  • If a path has resources that are tier 8 or below, it is a bonus path. To check the tier of a resource you can simply rightclick it and it will show you what tier it is. Here's a list of all resources that may be crit: Cave morays, Blue crabs, Promethium ores, Gorgonite ores, Grave creeper trees, Entgallow trees, Spiritbloom plants, Runeleaf plants, Tyrannomastix dinosaurs and Megamastyx dinosaurs (Dinosaurs are hunter resources and therefore indicate crit/bon too) 

When Holding GT

  • Prioritise the biggest crit path early in the floor. Later in the floor, when crit is almost complete, it is acceptable to start prioritising large bon paths over crit

  • If you encounter a fork, the action you take is situationally-dependent. You may either gate the smaller path and cgt through the larger path, or drop the GT and solo the smaller path. Do not drop the GT at the smaller path and solo the larger path

  • Never let the GT lag behind the team

  • Usually the person whose gates have the most potential should be carrying the GT

  • Remember that the GT can be used as a gate. If it is impossible for anybody to gate the GT location, leaving it there as a temporary gate is an acceptable solution

When Not Holding GT

  • Drop your personal gatestone at forks and do the smaller path first


  • Always plan ahead - be aware of which of your gates will be the least consequential to break if a tough situation arises.

  • In medium floors, it is best to prioritise the smallest path at splits



  • Always gate base at the start of the floor

  • Use your PGT(s) to gate doors that you encounter that cannot be opened immediately, for example: keyblocks, potblocks or a puzzle such as emotes

  • If you have a free gate (i.e. a pgt that is not being used), use it to gate splits so that you can return to the split later if need be

  • In 1s1l floors, the keyer should prioritise gating doors with large map potential. If a door with small map potential is encountered, the keyer should instruct one of his fills to gate it where possible

  • In 2s3l floors, if you have a free gate it is useful to gate your duo partner's gate (known as 'dubbing'). You can always break this gate later if you need to

Map Awareness

  • You should be aware of the map to judge path size and know the current layout of the floor and your teammates' locations. This will help you to predict and organise the remainder of the floor.​

Self Awareness

  • You should be aware of what doors you have gated and their importance. For example, if you have a dead-end at base gated, you may wish to break this for a map-facing keyblock

  • Do not waste prayer points by keeping soulsplit on outside of gd's

  • Consider the usage of protection prayers and devotion when pathing in order to preserve hp, and also looting food if you are at risk of dying without a free gate

Team Awareness

  • You should distribute your team wisely, for example in a 1s1l floor do not have three people on a single small path and one player on a large path

  • You should know the crit/bon status of your teammates

  • You should know what your teammates have gated. This is especially important in 2s3l floors, as you must know whether you can cover your dp's gates and vice-versa. You also must be aware of when your dp is nfg, and act accordingly (for example giving them the ggs if you have a free gate)


  • Call your gates and any puzzle rooms that may take you a long time to complete, such as grooves

  • Call when you use up a melt

  • Direct your teammates: tell them which direction to go, what to gate, when to cgt, when not to cgt, when to mgt etc.

  • Respond to your teammates if they ask a question

  • Do not overcommunicate, as this wastes time typing and clutters the chatbox up with unnecessary calls

  • Whilst communication is not essential in rushes and medium floors, it can be useful to call your gates in the chatbox as an aide-memoir 



  • Drink overload/supreme overload, prayer renewal/super prayer renewal and dungeoneering juju potion/perfect plus before entering the floor

  • Your quick prayers should be set to Soul Split and Anguish/Desolation, use these when in cb and turn them off when not 

  • Revolution is not recommended as good situational DPS will speed up GD's significantly

  • Range most monsters and switch to mage for high level melee NPCs (however range all slayer NPCs regardless of their weakness). Take off ranged armour, ringswitch and use Torment/Affliction whilst using magic 

  • Make good use of AOE abilities when there are multiple foes; Corruption Shot/Blast are highly recommended 

  • Use fragmentation shot/combust often and make the target move to double the damage

  • Use thresholds ASAP, but avoid wasting them on targets with low HP

  • Kill Necromancers first in GD's in Occult floors, and Reborn Mages first in GD's in Warped floors

  • Onslaught can be very effective against bosses. Use it when you're at relatively high HP


  • Use anticipation often to prevent getting bound. Use freedom if you do get bound.

  • Use anticipation, freedom, devotion, resonance and preparation whilst not in combat to stall adrenaline

  • Zoom effectively: use surge, bladed dive, escape and barge to get around the map quickly

  • Shadow tendrils and the quick-ht are useful to swiftly return to base 

  • It can be useful to loot herbs from chests and on the ground in-case you get a pot door

  • In warped floors, it can be useful to loot blue charms from chests and on the ground and mine 1 prom ore. This is to create a Sachem Bloodrager pouch if you get the Warped Gulega boss

  • Consider recharging prayer at altars if you are likely to run out and are able to do so without wasting time.

  • The special word is currently blobhero


As a rank you need to be competent at every puzzle. A guide of how to complete each puzzle can be found by clicking here. We have also created a video of how to complete some of the more complicated puzzles, which can be found by clicking the button to the right. 



We run a mentoring program for those who wish to improve before they trial. Contact an admin (silver and gold star ranks in the FC) if you are interested.

Rush/Medium Ranks

Info about what Rush and Medium Ranks are permitted to sell can be found in the table below (note that 'C1' = 'Complexity 1'). Note that Rush Ranks are not permitted to sell Medium Floors. Note also that the Bulwark Beast boss should be maged.

Rush and Medium ranks are required to pay a deposit of 10M. This deposit is refundable if you choose to have your rank removed, however if you are inactive for two months or violate any of our rules your deposit will be forfeited. 

Click here for a list of which boss drops each item.