How to buy a floor

Note: if you would prefer a video format, click the button to the right for our YouTube guide to leeching!

  1. Join 'Keyers FC' friends chat and state which floor or theme you would like to buy, e.g "Buying Occ" or "Buying F41"

  2. A rank will say "Sold" + 3 concurrent letters of your RSN and tell you where to meet them

  3. Pay before the floor. Please pay one floor at a time for larges, up to 3 floors for meds, and all rushes must be paid for up front

  4. Once in the floor, sit at base and keep an eye on the chat in case you are required to assist with anything

  5. Your GP will be refunded if the floor takes longer than 12 minutes to complete, or the bonus % is less than 11%, unless it is your own fault (such as AFKing when needed for a puzzle such as emotes or to end). If you disconnect you are not eligible for a refund

  6. Please stay with your keyer until they have told you they are done to avoid confusion

Why you need to keep an eye on the chat


There are a number of rooms that require you to be present in order for them to be completed. These are: emotes, levers and portals.

This room requires each player to stand on an available pad and mimic the action that their opposing statue is performing.
There are five options, the quick keys for which are as follows:

  1. Wave

  2. Nod Head

  3. Shake Head

  4. Laugh

  5. Cry


In this room, you must stand at an available lever and wait for your host to spam the number "3". This is when you should pull your lever.

In a five man party, levers can be completed with four players. Please leave the two levers that are closest to each other for your host to pull.

Beware: the host may say "on 3 no count" which means he will say 3 without counting 1 and 2.


You will find 8 small sections in this room. The puzzle requires each player to reach the centre section and stand on an available pad.

You should wait for your host to find a path to the centre, and then follow the path they give you, and stand on one of the centre pads.

The path is more often than not a set of compass instructions, e.g "NSE" meaning: North Portal, then south portal, and then the east portal.

A common method of reaching the centre is doing opposites. For example, if the host says "north opps" it means that you enter the northern portal first, and then enter the portal opposite of the one you end up at.


Note: if you would prefer a video format, click here for our YouTube guide to prestiging!


In order to maximise XP it is necessary to prestige your ring of kinship. This is done by clicking the reset button at the bottom of the party interface. This should be done when your ‘current progress’ is at the highest floor you can do. Your highest floor is equal to your Dungeoneering level divided by 2, rounded up.


You can check which floors are already completed by forming a party and clicking ‘change’ next to the floor number in the party interface. This will display an interface with a list of every floor as they get deeper. Floors with a check on them are completed.

Floors can be done in any order, and any ticked off floor can be completed again to tick off a lower floor from the same theme.

If you are unsure of whether you should reset or which floors you should do, feel free to ask any rank in the FC to check your floors.


  1. Do not mention any other Dungeoneering FC name in our chat

  2. Off topic is always welcomed in the FC within reason. However if the FC is busy then please try and refrain from off-topic conversation

  3. Please be patient! If a rank does not sell to you immediately, it does not mean we have not seen your request. We are more than likely working on finding you a host

  4. Be respectful to your host(s). They do have the option of not selling to you

  5. We ask you to pay per floor to cover both you and your host if unforseen issues arise

  6. Excessive afking can slow down the floor. For everyones sake please refrain from afking for any longer than 30 seconds at a time. The host can add additional time to the refund time if the leeches afk for a prolonged period of time and they were required for group rooms

  7. Make sure your connection is stable. We are not liable if you are to disconnect during the floor

  8. Only buy from those who are ranked in our FC. We are not liable if you choose to buy from non-ranks and they scam you

  9. You must stay with your current host unless instructed otherwise

  10. If your host disconnects, we encourage you to wait for up to two minutes before reaching out to a Captain or General. More than likely they will return within two minutes

  11. If you have a problem with your current host, private message a Captain or General. The FC is not the place for disputes