1.            Q. What is your discord server?

               A. You can join our discord server by clicking the following link: https://discord.gg/Pmx7g9U

2.            Q. How much will it cost me to reach a specific level or token goal?

               A. Click on Prices in the menu above for a calculator.


3.            Q. What is your refund policy?

               A. You will get refunded if the floors goes over 12 minutes or contains less than 11% bonus   



4.            Q. When do I need to prestige/reset my progress?

               A. You should only reset your progress once you have **unlocked** and **ticked off* all of

                   the floors available at your level. Your highest floor is your dungeoneering level divided by 2

                   (rounded up).

5.            Q. How do I obtain a rank in the fc?

               A. Click on Ranks in the menu above to see all of the requirement for each rank, and click

                    on the apply button next to the rank you desire.


6.            Q. What do I do as a leech?

               A. You sit at base while your host does your floor for you. Keep an eye on the chat every 30 seconds
                   or so – do not go completely AFK. For more info, click on Leeching in the menu above.


7.            Q. What do I do if I disconnect and the floor ends while I’m not there?

               A. Unfortunately, we do not refund a floor when a leech disconnects or leaves the floor by afking for too long.

8.            Q. Can I pay for multiple floors at once?

               A. All floors are paid for before the floor starts. Rushes are paid all at once. Meds can be paid

                    for 3 floors at a time. Always pay for larges 1 floor at a time.